What is home staging; and should you do it?

June 30, 2017

Home staging is the styling of your home with the pure intention of selling it as fast as possible, and for the highest return. It should never be mistaken for renovating for profit or for interior design. Instead, home staging is a temporary solution, aimed at maximising your return at the time of sale.

Everyone knows there are certain steps that need to be followed when you are preparing your home for sale. For example, the best thing you can do is look into bin hire and clear away all of the clutter to make your home look mess-free and more appealing. Other tips are to fix up any obviously broken items such as loose door handles, broken blinds or curtains and kitchen cabinetry that might be falling off its hinges. But what many people don’t think of, is that they should consider staging the home so that it appeals to as many potential buyers as possible.

When you have potential buyers coming to your open home, they need to be able to see themselves living there. And in order to pay top dollar, they need to fall in love with the place. The best way to encourage this is to have the house looking like it is from the pages of a magazine. That way, you are selling the entire package of a dream home rather than just the shell of a house. Once people fall in love and can see their family living there, they will be more likely to push the price higher as well as make the sale go through faster so they can be sure to secure it. This isn’t false advertising, it is simply showing the potential of the home while taking out some of the tired, old furniture that may make the house look worse instead of better.

Many people think home staging is just for the rich and elite but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Home staging, or property styling as it is sometimes called, is becoming far more popular and mainstream these days. The investment usually pays for itself and then some, so it isn’t just for the wealthy.

How to style your property ready for sale

If you are in the process of preparing your home for sale, you should seriously consider staging your home to maximise the return as well as get a faster sale. You can style around your current furniture by adding decorative pieces here and there, or you can clear your entire house out and do it from a clean slate.

If you clear your home out first, you can really do a great job with the styling from scratch. Plus, it will help you to get through the arduous task of cleaning up and cleaning out your home ready for when you move. However, unless you have already purchased your next home, you will need to find or pay for the storage of all of your furniture and personal items. This extra expense could be worth it in the long run, if you manage to add thousands to your end sale price.

But if you don’t have the money upfront then that isn’t a problem, as styling can be added to any home, even if it is still full of your current furniture:

Make sure you do a nice big clean out of the home before you get started, so that there are minimal items cluttering up the place. Too many things can make a place appear smaller than what it really is. It is also good to get rid of as many personal items as you can so the potential owners can imagine themselves living there instead of seeing your family everywhere.

Once you have thrown all of the old junk into a skip bin and sold or donated any other item you no longer want, you can add some fairly simple touches to make the place look good. It doesn’t have to be expensive, a quick trip to any of the cheaper departments stores will do the trick! Add a throw to the lounge, as well as some on-trend cushions. Lay a lovely coverlet over your master bed and hang some trendy prints in the living areas (you can source these for under $20 at Kmart). Finish off with a rug, some fresh cut flowers and light some scented candles and you’ll be amazed at the transformation of the home.

If you don’t have a designer’s touch, or if your house is completely empty, it is usually best to seek professional advice. There are many property styling companies out there who specialise in getting a house looking like a show home ready for open day. They supply all of the furniture and decorative items, and will move them in and out of your home so you don’t have to lift a finger. All you have to do is concentrate on finding your own new home once yours sells for top dollar.