Unique ideas for your backyard

July 07, 2017

Australian’s love spending time in their backyards. We are lucky enough to enjoy a fairly good climate all year round. Even in the colder States like Victoria and Tasmania, there are solutions you can have in your backyard such as fireplaces or fire pits to make the area warmer and more usable in all seasons.

If your yard is currently not all that desirable for spending time in, follow these handy tips to get your backyard looking beautiful, unique and a place that you and your friends and family enjoy spending time in:

Clean it up

It goes without saying that the best place to start is to give your yard a very good clean out. Until you can really see the lay of the land you might find it hard to plan or envisage something amazing or unique in the place of the rubbish and overgrowth. Simply clearing out the garden will immediately make a huge improvement to the overall look of the place. If you have a lot of debris such as old chairs, stepping stones, building materials and weeds it would be a good idea to look into mini skip hire prices. That way you can do the entire yard in one weekend, rather than spacing it out over time and disposing of the rubbish slowly through your curb side bins.

Once the yard is cleared, sit down with some paper and a pencil and sketch out some ideas for how you see it taking shape. The sky is the limit at this stage, once you have some ideas on paper you can start scaling it back to fit within budget later. The reason for doing it this way, is so that you can work out what are ‘must-haves’ and what you can compromise on.

Unsure of how to make your backyard unique and interesting? Here are some ideas:

Plant giant flowers

Nothing is more unexpected, yet magical, than walking into a backyard that has completely oversized, giant flowers dotting the perimeter.

Try planting a row of allium flowers, of the Purple Sensation variety. These plants grow up to a metre tall and have a huge, round ball of purple flowers sitting on the top of the thick green stem. The flowers are something you’d see out of a Dr Seuss book and can lend a whimsical feel to any garden.

Another fantastic oversized flower is the sun flower. Most people are familiar with these bright yellow plants and love to see them growing in real life.

Fence makeover

If you have a rickety old wooden fence that is falling down, don’t stress about trying to replace it, just give it a makeover! If the fence is full of small holes simply plug the gap with coloured marbles or other bits of colourful glass. When the sun hits them they will sparkle with all of their colours and delight your guests. If the holes are larger than marble size, you can fill them with trinkets such as small plants, statues or better still, fake tealight candles that you can switch on in the evenings for some ambience.

If you are the artistic type, it can look great to paint a gigantic mural along the entire fence. Choose something that is special to you – perhaps a scene of your young children playing on a tree tyre swing, a panorama of an underwater world if you love scuba diving or an outback scene if you would like to bring a bit of country to your home.

Install an in-ground trampoline

You don’t need to have children to be able to enjoy this one. If space permits, dig a huge hole in your backyard and place a trampoline over the top of it.

The top of the trampoline should be level with the grass so that you can continue walking straight off the lawn onto the bouncy surface. This looks cool and is easy to access for anyone, plus it can double as a comfy place to lay on at night to gaze at stars. If you have a pool, place the trampoline in the ground right at the edge so it can act as a unique version of a diving board. Imagine the fun flips and somersaults you could do straight into the pool!

Create different zones

Make your yard interesting by having different zones and nooks in it. For example, you can have one corner of your yard set up with a fire pit and some outdoor cushions for relaxing around the campfire at night. Another corner could be a play area with outdoor toys for children or for all ages you could create your own gigantic chess set or install another large outdoor game. Don’t forget an outdoor table for the dining area, which could be set up under an awning, on a deck or under some trees with fairy lights strung through the branches above.