Making the most of a stay-cation these holidays

December 16, 2016

It’s the summer holidays, and it feels like everyone is off on vacation somewhere exciting. Everyone, that is, except you. But don’t fret if you don’t have something glamorous or exciting booked, a ‘stay-cation’ can be just as fun as an away holiday; and without the hassle of packing bags and booking transport! Here are some tips for making the most of a stay-cation these holidays:

Clean out the house and yard

While cleaning may not sound like the most exciting way to spend a holiday, it can be a hugely satisfying feeling once you’re done. Especially if it’s one of those tasks that has been on the to do list for a long time. Finding enough spare days in a normal working week to get through the big clean out operation can be hard, so waiting until you have holidays makes sense. Make it as easy as possible on yourself by finding a skip bin for hire which, once filled, can be carted away with no further thought or input from you.

Be a tourist in your own city

Whenever we travel to new destinations it’s natural to spend a few days looking at the main tourist attractions. But how often have you done that in your very own city? When you live somewhere for long enough, you tend to either avoid tourist areas or forget they are even there as you go about your regular day.

If you’re having a holiday at home this Christmas, it is the perfect opportunity for you to act as a tourist in your own city. Pencil in some sightseeing days and visit places that you probably haven’t been to since school. Jump aboard a ‘hop on hop off’ tourist bus, book a seat on the Puffing Billy, take a tour of the Old Melbourne Gaol or just ride the tram around the city.

And why stop there? Enhance your tourist experience by booking into a city hotel room for a night or two!

Help the homeless (or another charity)

Christmas is the busiest time of year for most charities, as people who are normally in need find it especially hard during this season. There are many ways you can volunteer to help the less fortunate, such as; serving meals at one of the special Christmas dinner events, gift wrapping and preparing packages that go out to families, driving from home to home to deliver the packages or by organising your own food drives.

If you don’t have the time to volunteer, you can always help charities out in other ways by donating toys, food or money.

Camp in the backyard

You don’t need to be on holidays to enjoy the great outdoors. After you’ve finished your big clean out of the garden and the house, it’s time to make use of the backyard! Pop up a tent, assemble the backyard fire pit and get the marshmallows ready for toasting. If you have children, they’ll love the exciting adventure of sleeping under the stars, and you can relax knowing that home is only a few feet away should they get scared or restless during the night. Camping in Australia at this time of year is perfect as the weather is so mild and you can enjoy a bit of star gazing if the sky is clear.

Stay-cation challenge #1

Take on the stay-cation holiday challenge #1 and you will be guaranteed to have a break worth talking about by the time you get back to work. Task yourself with trying something completely new every single day. It has to be something you have never, ever done before.

Don’t hold back, there are no limits to this challenge. Some big ideas are: learning how to do acrobatics at a circus school one day, trying out a new sport or learning something new in a short, one-day course.

Mix in some smaller challenges every second day, such as: Having dinner at a new restaurant, buying your coffee from a different café to the usual or even just try walking a new route in your town. One little thing each day will add up to a lot of new experiences by the end of your holidays.

Stay-cation challenge #2

Building on the first challenge, also dare yourself to finally get around to doing something you never seem to have time to do. Everyone always has at least one thing they’d like to do ‘one day’, what is yours? It might be to start writing a novel, to visit an old friend you’ve been thinking of or to paint the lounge room walls a new colour. Whatever it is, now is the time to do it, and you’ll feel so great once it’s done.

Still feel like you’re missing out because your friends are posting pictures of fancy cocktails all over social media? Well one thing we are blessed with at this time of year in Australia is beautiful weather. Why don’t you hang a hammock on the back veranda, whip up your favourite drink and just pretend you’re on holidays for a while. Don’t forget to take a selfie to mark the occasion!